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What Are The Benefits of Having an App For Your Business in 2021

How many times did you download and install a mobile application on your device? And how many times do you use the applications to get things done? This article is the answer to these questions and says all about how much value a mobile application adds to a business.

On average, humans spend more than 2 hours a day on their mobile phones especially on browsing the apps on their devices. And why not, apps have made life much simpler than ever before. Be it an event planning, shopping for something, booking tickets, or planning a trip, there’s a mobile app for everything today that can be installed and used anytime from anywhere.

The ease of using applications in today’s busy environment has made more than 82 per cent businesses go for mobile app development. These businesses have seen tremendous growth and increase in the revenue and the credit goes to the competitive advantages of a mobile application that helps to engage more users from different corners of the world.

If you still have any doubt about whether you need to have a mobile app for your business now or not, here are the benefits of mobile applications you must go through.

Key reasons to have a mobile app for your business now.

Advertising, marketing, and customer service – all have come together in a unified platform now that’s a mobile application. It adds an exceptional value to your business when you design, develop and launch an app as per your user demands and requirements. When you have an app in one or more App Stores, you get a chance to engage more and more users to your business.

Mobile apps increase brand awareness:

Your mobile application can become the face of your brand. Look for a company that can make your application stand out among the rest in the App Store. Interactive and eye-catching design with quality elements and user-friendly features and clear information can together make your application perfect and beautiful. After all your relationship with the users will depend on the ease of using the app and the design quality. The more it is attractive, the more chances to draw the attention of the users.

Gives ease of shopping from the comfort zone:

In a recent study, it was found that more than half of online shopping is done through mobile apps now and not from websites. The Stats reports clearly reveal that nearly 80 per cent of smartphone users prefer to shop and avail services from apps rather than from websites.

Have you ever wondered why these online shopping apps like Flipkart, Myntra, etc., are concentrating on making their apps better instead of looking more into what’s happening in their websites? Looking from the point of view of the brand, mobile apps are easier to use. Once you have got it installed in your device and logged in with your credentials, you will not have to take the headache of remembering the website URL whenever you want to open it and use it. Just a tap on the app’s icon and you are all set to use it. Moreover, most of the applications offer the convenience of using some of its basic features even when there is no internet connection. Also, apps have more features and functionalities than websites. Overall, sales are more effective in apps.

Reduces marketing costs:

As compared to the conventional modes of advertising and direct marketing, sending or simply pushing notifications to the users of your app is much cheaper, isn’t it? If you want to announce an event or a new arrival, an application can make it affordable for you, helping both your brand and your target audience to come closer to each other.

Offers direct communication options:

Mobile applications offer a direct communication path between your business and your users or customers. With an app, you can communicate with your users or customers directly through call-buttons, in-app messaging, customer support, suggestions, feedback, reviews, FAQ answers, and more. You can provide all these options right at the fingertips of your users through your app.

Apart from these 5, there are many more benefits businesses can leverage from a mobile app.

Mobile apps boost sales and revenue with a wider user base and with more than 52 per cent of online orders placed through mobile applications.

So, by now hope you have realised that a mobile application can be the best platform to promote your business with the maximum number of worldwide users and with a remarkable boost in your sales and ROI. With the increasing level of competition in the e-market, having an application has become a necessity to greatly increase the profitability of a business today. And there are expert development and app development companies to help businesses with that.