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What Are The Merits of Android App Development?

When it comes to developing a mobile app solution for a business or enterprise, an established firm will afford app development on different mobile platforms at the same time. Restricted resources and timeframe usually pressure smaller businesses and start-ups to select one platform for the primary app launch. The selection usually lies between iOS and Android mobile applications. The decision will verify the success or failure of the total endeavor.

Is that your dilemma? Are you temporizing moving to a new phase of the audience? Doubting whether an Android-based product can promote your business growth?

Today, gadgets play a vital role in our daily life, it’s an important part of people’s life. They cannot assume even a single day without electronic gadgets or a mobile device. Basically, mobiles are used for locating information, staying connected, finding a route, designing out their schedule, and lots of alternative routines. Why it’s possible? Because it’s the android operating system of Google that has cherished everyone’s life. Android is influencing the market with a market share of 90 %. It’s running actively on smartphones, tablets, and lots of a lot of devices. The evolution offered entrepreneurs an ascendable and cost-effective platform to develop an application.

Essential for Application

As we entered 2019, it becomes compulsory for all progressive businesses to associate with android users. They’re operating towards capturing a larger android user base. Therefore currently it’s quite mandatory to find out reasons for creating an android app:

  1. Growing Market Share: Over the last 5 years, Android is creating its presence steady across a demographical and geographical range of smartphone users. It’s evident from the figures for mobile markets’ revenue touching $189 billion from the stores. Android captures ⅔ rd. of total market share. The market of the android platforms is widening beyond the USA, Australia, Canada, and European countries. So it’s superior to create an android app to revolutionize your business globally and generate a lot of financial gains.
  2. Cost-Efficient Platform: The issue of low value or affordability is a significant reason, why businesses are to partner with a well-known Android App Development Company. It provides relieve access to tools and systems for Android Developers. Android devise and its hardware not so expensive. Its rare compatibility problems with each updated version of Android OS. Moreover, it’s two hundred million user bases that make the value of developing an android app therefore low and profitable.
  3. Rapid and Simple to Develop: The opportunity of the simple operating model makes it so fast to develop an android app. Due to the adjustable ways of an android app, its shown exponential growth in the last five years. The time metrics and the cost of Android App Development became a vital feature of this platform.

Benefits of Application for Market

It is an open-source operating system with a simplified development process. Nowadays Android applications have influenced today’s market due to the digital revolution wave. One’s life is modified due to its ecosystem diversity. The well-designed application is a dominant resource for an individual to access the desired information. So, it’s a time to unveil the advantages an Android App Development Company offers:

  1. Graphics Support: It offers an enormous range of selections for each need for graphic style. The design features are higher-ranking to further App Development Platforms; Android App Development is taken as the excellent platform for the Development of Game Applications. It needs intuitive and eye-catching designs. The integral support for 2D as well as 3D graphics brings developing traffic on your web application.
  2. Affordable App Development: In today’s competitive market expects the highest profit quality with minimum investment. It’s equivalent in the case of Mobile App Development. The basic requirement is to select a cost-effective App Development platform. Android provides development tools at a minimum cost. Thus it’d extend your market liquidity with an affordable cost per user. Android SDK is easily attainable for developers and it’s the prime advantage of this platform. The developers provide a one-time fee of registration for app distribution. It makes possible to leverage computer to build the interactive application and test it on smartphones. As a result, the big user base of android OS certifies highly profitable with low investment.
  3. Secured Platform: It’s as secure as a platform that is Linux-based only. The graceful and unwavering platform fulfills the requirement for developing android applications as per the need of various businesses. It delivers the most effective mobile app with optimum utilization of resources. The business owners need that their app shouldn’t get crashed. So, that they look for an App Development Platform that solves their bugs and drawback. Here, Android plays a major role in providing a safe and secured platform. It introduced extra built-in features to cover against viruses and malware. It helps the enterprise to find out appropriate approach throughout the app development. Responsibility and security build it the most effective choice.
  4. Apps Integration: Android provides the utmost versatile tools for the facile integration of applications. The developers select the accurate platform for developing mobile applications. It’s an excellent platform that supports the integration of apps so effectively. These apps can be integrated into information management and multimedia system tools. As a result, the performance of the application gets bolstered.
  5. A Large Excess: These days the perforation of android is geographically and demographically quite healthy. Google is functioning so masterly, sincerely over the app development platform. The user-friendly applications attract a lot of people to Android Mobile Apps. It’s an indisputable fact that the market, which Google covers, contributes more than 66 percent. Furthermore, two million applications are featured on the Google App Store. The android app is extending of ability and adaptability. It’s also integrated into tablets, Android TV, and wearable apps. It also allows android apps to become compatibles with technologies like IoT, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.
  6. Rapid Deployment: The competitive edge will increase the importance of android apps. It’s the fastest development cycle that lasts a few hours. These days’ enterprises transform their plan within the stipulated time. It’s a vital good thing about the android platform.
  7. Targeted Multiple Platforms: It’s a basic feature of android applications that anyone will build an application. These are coded in Java language. It becomes really easy to script code within the android OS for mobile applications. The utilization of a programming language like Java makes it straightforward to focus on different platforms like Ubuntu and Symbian. Thus, Enterprises opt for Android Platform for App Development. It helps to require good things about the resources and time based on completely different targeted groups. Kotlin is additionally created as an official Android language. The applications run on Java Desktop, iOS and android may be powered by Kotlin multiplatform.

Why should you Hire App Developer from Artistixe?

The market is in high demand for the capable Android app, as android is that the largest and most used platform. A delightful android app provides businesses huge access to the massive customer base with the terribly less typical marketing effort. However, all the success depends on the standard of an application, that successively entirely dependent on multiple factors like personalization, easiness, and strategy. A reputable and competent IT partner assists you in pushing the market growth additional through an android app whereas cutting the overhead of IT management tasks from your managerial team. Artistixe possesses a high level of experience in handling the Android App Development tasks and thus a preferred alternative of prudent business holders to appoint Android App Developer. Whichever IT partner you approach or where you outsource the development task, don’t forget to check out the portfolio, and here Artistixe IT Solution excels.

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