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What Makes Drupal The Most Suitable Choice For eCommerce Site?

The digital evolution has changed the way customers interact with businesses and do their shopping. An online identity regardless of the industry can have a massive impact on a business’s success. And the COVID-19 pandemic has augmented the importance of e-commerce.

The acceleration in an expansion of digital commerce demands having a scalable, secure, reliable and flexible platform to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re looking for a suitable platform to build an online store for your business then this article is for you. Among many possible choices, Drupal is the most preferred solution for building an eCommerce site for every kind of business today. It provides a powerful set of modules and themes. This makes it an ideal choice for software developers.

Top Compelling Reasons to Choose Drupal for Your E-Commerce Website

Personalization is the key to earn the trust of your customers. With lots of competition in the e-commerce space, your brand must leave a positive mark on user’s minds. Drupal Commerce provides you the facility to personalize content to make the user experience better. This helps create brand trust and loyalty.

Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to digital stores. Hacking and security breaches are constantly evolving in the e-commerce market. This eventually affects the brand image and online sales revenue drastically. Drupal has a dedicated team working to maintain and improve the security of sites through constant updates and tests. Building a web application using Drupal provides various modules that enhance your website’s security.

Drupal CMS is completely customizable. It is versatile than any other CMS. It can easily modify from the front-end to back-end as per the custom requirements. This includes product display, shopping cart block, form components, check out pages and more. Creative freedom is one of the most vital trademarks of Drupal. With minor tweaks in design code, you can change the look & feel of a Drupal e-commerce store.

Drupal Commerce provides built-in support for multi-language functionality. This can help you reach a global audience. Shoppers strongly prefer their own native language the most while shopping online. The use of regional languages in websites brings more familiarity. Drupal gives power to translate the entire site content based on the user’s geographic location.

Mobile friendly has become an irreplaceable feature for any eCommerce site. The latest version of Drupal contains predefined themes and an admin interface that are device-responsive. Drupal’s websites not only amaze the consumers by their look & feel but also by their mobile responsive design. You can seamlessly access the Drupal online store on mobiles and tablets.

It is important to take into account the speed factor when building an online store. A slow website is detrimental and it can deter your efforts and investments. Drupal eCommerce sites usually have high loading speed and faster response time. It is a perfect choice for showcasing a wide range of products/ services and can also handle high traffic.

Social media for e-commerce has become a crucial element in sales growth for any business. Drupal CMS provides seamless integration with major platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This feature helps customers sign in through social channels login itself without filling a long-form. By optimum usage of social media platforms, you can increase your visibility and reach a wider target audience.

Drupal allows you to choose various payment methods and build multiple gateways as per your business need. It provides versatile pricing slab setting options based on product specification, location, packaging type and more.

Wrapping Up

The features and flexibility that Drupal development services offer enable developers to create a spectacular e-commerce site that is secure in every manner. Leverage Drupal’s extensive range of advantages today to build your dream website and stay ahead of your competition.