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What Role Does Internal Linking Play in SEO?

Many people spend half of their working time on building backlinks and end-up neglecting the internal link strategies. Besides, getting links from other websites is crucial in SEO, Adelaide, but you can’t control what’s coming from the other websites.

You have a complete control over all the internal links. But before we move any forward, let’s discuss the basics first.

What exactly is internal linking?

Internal links are the links that are connected internally on the same domain. It acquires various purposes & perks.

They navigate users through a website. For say, navigating from home page to the contact us or about us page. All of this is done through links. Basically moving from one page of a website to the other page is done with such links.

Secondly, with the help of links, you can establish a strong hierarchy of the website. They spread the ‘link juice’ in the entire website and by link juice we mean page authority & ranking power.

Now that you have known what exactly the term is, let’s explore some other thing about it in depth.

Website Structure Defining

Google crawler uses the website architecture for ranking a website. This means it’s crucial to contextualise which content is crucial.

Greater the numbers of clicks from the home page to another page, lesser the powerful your website is. That’s where internal linking comes handy for any SEO services, Adelaide. It provides shallow depth, which means you need one click or two to escalate to other parts of the website.

Hence, if your website is taking multiple clicks to escalate from the homepage to other pages, Google won’t consider those pages as important or informative.

Upload unique content

After defining the website structure, it’s time to focus on the content that you put on the website.

One has to be regular to produce unique and high-quality content to add more linkable assets to the website.

So what kind of content is perfect?

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Tutorials
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • ‘How-to’ guides

You can add as many internal links as you want and create a scale for them.

The logic is simple:

With a high number of links there will remain higher chances of getting crawled by Google crawler.

But you have only 40 or 50% of the content on your website; you will never be able to achieve greater traffic on your website. Almost 60% of the bloggers consider posting the new content several times in a month. Out of which, 3% is posting daily.

Deep Linking

The most common mistakes every website holder makes is that they wrongly link the pages. You must not link all the pages to the single page. For example, you have made a product guide, and you are giving the link of your homepage in each product guides. Instead, you can provide the link of the product which you are making the guide of.

Another mistake is to end every post or paragraph with CTA. It is right, and we understand that adding ‘Call To Action’ is crucial for adding emotion to your content but… Not Every Time.

You can consider adding new links to your old content for making the most of deep linking.

Pillar Page Creation

You can call it silos, cluster or pillar. The Pillar Page double downs relevant links.

Pillar pages wrap up everything related to the keywords or topic that you are targeting to rank. It also covers clusters of content such as subheadings.

For say, if you are creating pillar content for social media marketing page, it’s cluster content will include:

  • Driving conversions with live video
  • Facebook marketing guides
  • Growing your YouTube channel
  • Generating leads on Twitter
  • Getting sales with Instagram shoppable posts

So, get started with the internal linking by hiring the best agency of SEO Adelaide such as Zib Digital.