Which Blog Platform Is Better to Use to Make Some Additional Income: WordPress or Blogger?

This is a great in-depth review after my blogging enjoy the last 5 years. Read only if you feel like you are making a career out of these two platforms.

Understood by the historical past of mankind, the whole ends in two forms. Friends and enemies. Day and night. Heaven and hell. Men and women. Protons and electrons. Life and death. Both support each other or put each other in agreement with their nature and form. It says: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. But in an international environment in which we live, necessity has also led to a festival. Competition that distinguishes the best from the rest. But, whatever my comment is, there has always been a conflict between the two frontrunners, regardless of the type of study.

Wait, are we learning science here?

Not from the route anymore! What I wanted to prove with the above examples is that living together is also a necessity to strengthen humanity. The same happens in the world of the generation. While bloggers and WordPress are seen as massive competitors in operating a blog platform, they both serve their purposes in a different way and are characterized by what they are.

What is Blogger and what is WordPress? What are the variants?

Note: Those of you who are already aware of this can skip this phase and move on to the next.

Let’s take a look at Blogger first. Blogger is an online blogging device that should begin with advanced through Pyra Labs, but Google got it later in 2003. Ever for the reason that the acquisition, Google is hosting the operation of a blog platform and powering hundreds of thousands of bloggers from around the world. Exactly the blog you are reading right now is hosted only by bloggers. You can create a detached weblog on Blogger and post in a relaxed way. A post will also be anything else from your day-to-day diary entry to your holiday footage to articles by more than a few topics. Operation is quite simple thanks to the simplified user interface (UI).

Let’s take a look at our following platform WordPress. Like Blogger, WordPress is also an online blogging tool that helps you create your own blogs and post on them. It was once based by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in the similar year Google received Blogger, 2003. WordPress offers CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL, two extremely standardized languages.

How are bloggers and WordPress different?

While both are blogging platforms and have relatively many similarities, they also have some differences after which they must appear. And these differences make a big difference to the consumer who doesn’t choose the platform that’s best for him.

Domains or blog names: Subdomain accounts are without spending a cent on both platforms. YourName-blogspot-com and YourName-wordpress-com are subdomains, while YourName-com is called Custom Domain or Full Domain.

Hosting Fees: Hosting method for uploading records to your Web page and making the Web site available for use. If you use a subdomain, you can host the website freely with Blogger’s own servers. Actually, they take care of website hosting about themselves. The best way to make your blog work is to publish content. Even on WordPress, you get free web hosting on your subdomain. Things start to change when you want a custom area. Imagine you have bought a custom domain from GoDaddy-com on your website, let’s have a look at Your Name-com. Now in this case you will want to pay for web hosting on WordPress. However, web hosting on Blogger is still free.

Earn money: In time, if you happen to reach a stage where your blog gets too widespread and you decide to sell your house on your blog by placing ads through advertisers, you can’t do that on a loose WordPress account or subdomain. Instead, they can place their ads on your weblog when they do (though that’s rare). However, you can easily advertise advertising space on your Blogger blog, whether you personalize a subdomain or a custom area or not.

Topics and layouts: The default blogger themes seem to be a little earlier, have fewer features than the default WordPress themes. WordPress also has many more plugins for its customers than Blogger users. Blogger themes and layouts can also be easily customized in the entire HTML code at once. This is inconceivable with standard WordPress themes.

Statistical differences:

There is not much difference in the statics of the individual platforms. They are all powerful in this aspect.


Infinite* approach, even if these properties are innumerable sets, but they rely on the situation that the set of available queries that matches the MySQL relation on the server determines infinity.

Infinite+ method they depend on the available server size hosted with the help of Blogger.



1. unlimited free hosting: Whether you personalize a custom area or no longer, you get unlimited free web hosting space on this platform.

2. Complete Customization: Blogger templates support 100% customization, which means you can customize your blog or website in any way you want. You can either customize the default Blogger templates, upload a brand new custom template, or download and upload a template from anywhere on the web. To make it as useful as possible, Blogger also offers a comprehensive template editor in accordance with the graphical user interface for people who can’t encode templates.

Some other people think that the Blogger platform is not only right when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is anxious. I guarantee that’s wrong. How can a search engine optimization platform operated through Google, the king in the background of search engine optimization itself, be flawed? In fact, blogger blogs are easier to find in Google search effects compared to WordPress blogs.

3. Deeply connected with Google Services: This platform, which has since been owned by Google, is closely linked to other Google services. For example, you can use both Blogger and Google Plus accounts to use it as your Blogger profile. You can use either the default Blogger comment device or the new Google+ feedback. You too can conveniently place Google AdSense ads on your weblog using Blogger layout management choices.

4. great help: The Internet is full of tutorials aimed at serving the brand new bloggers. In truth, Blogger has the largest amount of tutorials available on the web. This could be because Blogger is extremely adaptable and therefore open to super alternatives to change.

5. free ads: Blogger blogs are ad-free by default. Google might not show that there are ads on your blog, except that they pay you for them. You’ll be handiest able to show ads if you join a Google Adsense account and allow Google to display ads in your weblog that you’ve been paid for. This is not true without the cost of WordPress blogs. You have the right to show ads on free spaces that are available on your blog. However, these ads can also be removed once and for fascinated by $30. It is worth noting that ads continuously slow down blog efficiency and significantly affect search engine optimization.

6. improve your skills: Getting started with the template code allows you to refine your web building talents by making adjustments and determining how they will appear in the weblog. You can learn a lot about HTML and CSS from the template code itself.


1. outdated templates: While you may be loose to get as many new templates from the Internet as you want in your weblog, the default templates equipped by Blogger seem outdated.

2. fewer plugins: WordPress blogs are rich in many hard plugins available (although some of them are much outdated). Some plugins even help to make the blog search engine friendly with just one click. Blogger blogs, however, have fewer plugins (gadgets) by comparison.

3. property: Whether you host on a free subdomain or an entire domain, even if it won’t soon go down due to millions of blogs running on the web, Google has the precision to close bloggers at any time.


1. long-term commitment: WordPress is an open source instrument. It means that in the long run it is impartial from the movements I have taken from myself through WordPress neighbourhood. It’s run by hundreds and thousands of other people around the world and it’s not easy to shut it down anytime quickly. It’s especially reassuring as a blogger in the long run.

2. Modern Standard Templates: The standard templates provided by WordPress are particularly modern and correspond to the current way of life as those of Blogger. Many indie builders often add and promote their templates in the WordPress template gallery.

3. Faster updates: WordPress often replaces their website and database (MySQL) to meet the fashion requirements of the Internet. This seems to be a relatively slow case on bloggers, as they rely on self-hosting through Google itself.

4. multiple hosting services: you can choose from a variety of hosting products and services available worldwide. They all have different plans, depending on your needs. Hosting services also rely on the high quality and availability of their servers. But in the case of Blogger, the place where the blogs themselves are hosted by Google, if the Blogger servers fail, then the entire blogs can be shared.


Limited customization: These blogs are exhausting enough to be customized because the template code is not available to the user all at once.

Less help support: Help resources are limited compared to Blogger. The reason why in the background of this was discussed within the pros of Blogger above.

So, who is the winner here?

I hope you haven’t forgotten what we first talked about in the first actual paragraph of this article. Now that you’re relying on the needs, chances are you’ll make a choice between Blogger or WordPress. Some of my tips may be to make a choice:

Blogger: If you:

Are students

Would you like to know more about web constructions?

Would you like to test some blogs?

Intend to make some money online

Would you like to host a website for free?

WordPress: If you:

Are you a certified employee of a company?

Do you want to bring it to market a product

Having long-term goals

What are your ideas?

I admit that my simplest function right here was to control you and to think you can make a choice which platform suits you best. There’s nothing worse than choosing a platform that’s running day after day, and later understanding that you made a mistake when you choose the right platform, then regretting that you left it. With that stated, don’t put out of your mind that there are nonetheless extra blogging options available if you don’t like the ones we mentioned right here. Tumblr, Medium, Weebly, LiveJournal are other available options worth trying. So, what are your views on the ones we mentioned? Sound off within the comments below!