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Which is Better For Data Analysis- R or Python

The primary objective of machine learning is to create an application or drive the machines to perform as per the algorithm. Machine learning experts work to make machines that work just like a human. What makes this happen is the coding and algorithm that forms the core of it. Programming languages play a key role in this, and if you are planning to make a career for yourself in this field, you have to choose the right programming language. R and Python are the two popular choices. In this blog, we are going to discuss R and Python.

R or Python:

Both R and Python are open-source programming languages. The good part about R and Python is that the libraries are regularly updated, and new libraries are added to the catalog. Though both these languages are open-source, there is a line of difference. While R is used for statistical analysis, Python is used for a more general data science approach, while Python provides a more general approach to data science.

Another line of difference: The developers mostly use Python for integration between data analysis and web applications. It is used for the incorporation of statistical codes into the production database. In contrast, R is majorly used for analysis on individual servers.

Python is a full-fledged programming language; it is used to implement algorithms for production use. If you are a beginner in a programming language, then R is easier, and you can learn it easily. You can write statistical codes in just a few lines.

When it comes to the functionality of these languages, then Python is readable and easy to learn. If you want to work on statistical models, then R is a good choice. R has an extensive collection of all the statistical tools and models, making it very useful for the developers as data analysis becomes much more simplified and easier.


Both Python and R, are good choices for those who want to start their career in machine learning; otherwise, both this programming language holds a good scope. The versatility that they offer is unmatched, and hence learning both these programming languages will be a good deal if you wish to excel as a machine learning expert .

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