Which Is Better for Google Adsense: Blogger or WordPress

Which Is Better for Google Adsense: Blogger or WordPress. As everyone knows, WordPress is a modern approach to creating a fantastic website, but we also know that all the elements behavior are unimaginable to search in a single one. Lately I’ve had a big problem with using WordPress. SO, I decided to explain some disadvantages of WordPress to you before I build website on WordPress, consider those disadvantages.

The most common disadvantages of WordPress is its hosting problem. If you are going to set up a website, then you need to set up a website hosting. If you are thinking about using loose web hosting, consider space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU and so on.

In general, newcomers try to make WordPress web page about the use of unsecured internet hosting. But there is nothing free in this world. Free hosting approach worst hosting. If you seriously run a blog, then I am very beneficial for you not to use unsecured web hosting. You will never be lucky. I explain this as a result of occasionally your blog would possibly get heavy visitors on this time if the use of free then your website gets down and visitors develop to 0.

So whenever you bump into your blog with heavy traffic, it may be conceivable that your website will go down. In other words, Internet website hosting approach solves obstacles. You can’t expand your website. If occasionally additional guests come to your website, your website will shut down. And you can’t do anything else in this state than replace the waiting.

Do not make any assumptions as a result of Blogger belongs to Google, you will earn more money. No.

You earn money through AdSense handiest, while you attract visitors to your site. More website visitors way extra other people will see your ads because you will earn more money through it. Your AdSense earnings are not linked to your website platform/website hosting/CMS. So my solution is nothing better, it is similarly good for AdSense.

Blogger vs. WordPress. What is the most efficient platform for a blog and what is the profit you make with these platforms! So you will be able to gain full wisdom and enjoy my best with these platforms to make money.


Blogger is an unsecured Google platform which you will be able to create a loose weblog with a loose blogspot.com area and you can add a custom domain name according to your wishes.

So this is a best loose platform and you can distribute your information for free. And you can share your pastime with other people. But there is a problem This is a loose platform.

So you will be able to get no good quality, but get a not good quality. You can write your content in simple words. Otherwise you will write a nice article that doesn’t look like a really nice article anymore because it is solved to be used.

What are the advantages of Blogger?

Blogger is a true AdSense-related platform, the place where you can easily write distinctive posts and you can easily get Google AdSense approved. And generate income quickly.

And there is another good benefit, the Blogger Posts is ranking fast in Google search engine. It is a real energy of Blogger because it is a Google product.

And you will be able to see there how many people study your posts. And how many guests come to my weblog every day. And what number of people read now. It gives you complete statistics about your blog.

So I used to pass on all the knowledge that is best in Blogger. You can choose Blogger, but you should learn about WordPress.

What’s wrong with WordPress?

You can’t submit a fantastic weblog. You can use keywords for your publication, but it won’t tell you anymore that you only publish the maximum keywords in your blog that will stop your ranking in Google. So you will always use a minimum number of keywords.


WordPress is a paid platform. So before you create a weblog, you should purchase a website hosting and a custom area that is .com .in .us.UK.co.in, and many more that you would like to select and purchase.

After purchasing a web page web hosting and range, then you can create your blog on WordPress. So this platform gives you many additional features that you can use to create Beautiful Content.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

There are more than just advantages. You could create an attractive website with a template. And create any categories in your template with the help of plugins.

You can write a beautiful and distinctive content material for visitors. And there are many plugins that can save you time and create a nice weblog. You should use any external plugins for writing a blog that submit jokes that contain keywords within the best way to use keywords. It can save your blog post for Blocked via Google.

There are many HTML columns about Header, Sidebar, Body publish, Left Sidebar and Bottom. Where you will be able to search any code and easily edit HTML code in WordPress.

What is bad with WordPress?

There are many problems. There is now no statistics column where you can’t see your daily guests. Otherwise, you prefer to view your daily visitors and your daily page views, so if you add an external webmaster tool, you will simply see your daily guests.

There was once a big problem. If you decide to submit your website online to AdSense First, you will need to upload an HTML code in your header phase to earn money. But wait, Blogger website is quickly approved within the comparability of WordPress.

Blogger/WordPress has nothing to do with your AdSense income.

If your blog/website has website visitors (it doesn’t matter whether it’s in Blogger or WordPress), it will earn money from AdSense.

How much it earns depends on: topic, number of site visitors, demographics, ad placement, visitor behavior.

If you have received solid content material to your Internet both, it is Blogger or WordPress Google Adsense works.

You want unmistakable visitors.

Solid content.

No copyrighted material.

Buy a website and add it to either a blogger or WordPress.

Although working with WordPress is far too easy, you want to do it manually in Blogger.