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Why Every Business Needs Custom Mobile App Development

custom mobile apps

custom mobile apps

Touching every aspect of our life the mobile apps have become ubiquitous software, and businesses are no exception to it. The term ‘business’ over here is not limited to any particular industry vertical but considers an all-inclusive diverse range of fields. Whether it’s morning news, traveling to the office, or dining outside, mobile apps cater to everything.

Different business enterprises, including, media, sports, art, healthcare, etc., rely on Mobile apps development to boost business growth. Helping enterprises sail smoothly, mobile apps have become one of the consistent fail-proof formulae to stay ahead of the game.

However, you need not take these words for granted. This blog will discuss the following points to give you a clear idea of the importance of customized Mobile app development for a range of business organizations.

  • What is meant by customized mobile app development?
  • Top 10 benefits of customized mobile apps development.
  • Important aspects related to customized mobile app development.

Let’s begin with our first topic.

What is a customized mobile app?

Customized mobile apps get best defined as designing and developing software that is focused on providing effective solutions by considering the business model, target audience, etc. in its development phase.

Being tailor-made, they offer the added advantage of high compatibility with the business’s existing software ecosystem. Opting for custom mobile app development requires a high investment but proves cost-effective for the firm in the long run.

Here are the top 8 benefits of opting for custom mobile apps development

1. A whopping rise in the number of smartphone consumers

The number of smartphone users is predicting to cross a whopping 3.8 billion worldwide by 2021. This massive rise in the number of users is in itself a strong reason why businesses should be investing in mobile app technology.

mobile app development

mobile app development

2. Enhances efficiency of the employees

Opting for customized mobile apps helps in boosting employees’ engagement with the software mainly because it gets developed with the focus on the end-users. Its compatibility with the present software ecosystem of the firm makes it convenient for employees to use it.

As investors can go for multifunctional apps, it allows the users to perform several tasks without having to switch from one software to another. Thus, it saves time and boosts employee engagement at the same time. You can hire software developers to seek help in customization.

3. Scalable with the rising demands

An off the shelf software solution usually fails to offer scalability and investors have to look for alternatives with the growing business. In contrast, a customized app gets developed, keeping in mind the potential growth of the firm. Thus, scalability of tailored apps is promising to the investing business firms.

4. Sky soaring rise in M-Commerce sales revenue

M-commerce is witnessing massive growth in terms of revenue for different nations across the world. For example, Brazil is expected to touch 25 billion USD by 2023 while for Argentina it is expected to touch 9 billion USD by 2023 as per Developer Stats. Have a look at the infographic below to find about other countries.
app development services

app development services

For you to leverage this outstanding growth in M-commerce revenue, mobile apps are a must for the business.

5. High level of security gets ensured.

Using ready-made solutions makes a business enterprise a soft target for hackers. Mainly because a large number of business enterprises use them, on the other hand, when a firm goes for a customized app, they can ensure greater security by using high-level authentication, best encryption tools, secure libraries, frameworks, etc.

6. Enhances customer service

As per a survey conducted by Microsoft, 96% of clients look for effective customer service to maintain their kick-ass loyalty for brands. Customer service is among the prime factors responsible for the profitable growth of an organization.

Customized apps effectively aid in achieving mind-blowing customer service as they can get effectively used to offer personalized updates of products and services to clients.

Furthermore, you can track the details in real-time to ensure smooth delivery of promised services to the clients, by integrating the chatbots you can have a 24/7 customer support channel for the users.

7. Aids in building brand value

mobile app development

mobile app development

A customized mobile app acts as a virtual store where the users can easily connect with the business enterprise. Well researched designs combined with exclusive features leaves a remarkable positivity about the business firm. Thus, it cultivates brand as well as customer loyalty for the firm.

8. A direct channel for marketing

Customized apps can be effectively used as a direct source of marketing. As designing and content are 100% unique, you can demand the development team to ensure strong CTAs to boost the number of leads into conversions. Clients can access the app from the comfort of anywhere to learn about the firm and its policies.

That was all about the significant benefits of going for customized mobile apps development. Let’ us now focus on some of the concerning factors related to customized mobile apps.

Here are the top 6 points to consider while investing in customized mobile apps

  • Make a fail-proof plan for marketing

You must have firm dates for app completion and launch so that the marketing activities get well coordinated to ensure the success of the app.

  • Check for its compatibility against multiple networks

If you are looking for a global app, then you have to test its compatibility against various networks. Furthermore, you would also have to opt for a multilingual option over the app.

  • Prefer sticking to a small size app

If it’s a multifunctional app, then it may require large memory space over the user’ device. However, users tend to look for alternatives or uninstall the apps that consume high space.

  • Stick to optimum speed performance

The developed app must have good speed performance as users tend blacklisting slow and sluggish software.

  • It must not affect the battery life

You can find various apps in the play store that have a lively performance but drains the battery of the users and so suffers from a low rating. The lower the battery consumption, the more it will be preferable to the users.

  • Intuitive UI and Stunning UX

Having an intuitive UI and commendable UX is must for the app’s survival in the long run.

Final Words

Hush Hush, the mobile app revenue is expected to cross a tantalizing 935.2 billion USD by 2023 as per Statista. To leverage this outstanding prosperous growth, you need to invest in custom mobile app development companies in India.

Having years of experience in customized app development, they offer incredible services at an affordable budget.