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Why Is My Website Not Ranking On Page 1 of Google


Google has become one of the top online marketing platforms in the world today. Many companies understand that obtaining high positions on Google is hugely beneficial and is becoming essential for the survival and growth of businesses today. This article will underline several factors that prevent your website from ranking high on Google.


It’s imperative to create professional, informative, and easy-to-navigate websites. Google favors high-quality websites, as Google wants what’s best for its browsing users. Websites that offer little information, poor designs, and complicated navigation do not rank well on their search engine.


When creating websites, ensure you provide high-quality information that is well written and contains no grammatical errors. Websites that provide low-quality information are crawled by Google and highly disliked.


Websites need to provide unique information. Copying information from one website, and using it on your site, is known as a duplicate content. Websites that possess the same content will never rank well unless the information is deleted and written from scratch. Check to see if the information on your website is unique by visiting Copyscape.


Slow-loading websites do not rank well as users have little patience online, and if your website takes long to load, users will leave out of pure frustration. This counts negatively towards your SEO ranking position. Make sure you test your website loading speeds to ensure it loads quickly on all types of devices. There are speed loading website checks; find them on Google and testing your website’s speed.


Hosting plays a massive role in the overall rankings of your website. Hosting contributes to the loading speed of your website, as well as the consistent online presence. Websites offline and online will not rank well on Google; your website should be operating 24 hours per day, no exception. Change hosting providers if you find your hosting servers to be unreliable and inconsistent.


Google understands that people search from different types of devices. Websites need to be compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. If your website is not compatible with all these types of devices, you will not rank well on Google’s search engine.


If your previous SEO provider implemented Black Hat, SEO backlinking techniques, this could potentially ruin your chances of ranking well on Google. You have two options here. The first is to create a new domain with a completely new website from scratch or find another SEO expert to remove the harmful backlinks pointing to your website. There are also bad backlink removal services that will identify wrong links and remove them from pointing to your site.


Google have announced they wish all websites to be SSL secure. This ensures safe transactions between clients and servers without 3rd party interception taking place. A website that does not have SSL certificates may lose their Google rankings; make sure you have an online marketing expert install an SSL certificate on your website. They are valid for one year and quite affordable.


The Robots.txt file prevents search engines from crawling your website. If this feature is enabled, Google will not be able to crawl the content on your website and list it on its search engine directory. Make sure you disable the robots.txt file to allow search engines to index your website.


Competing for specific keywords can be challenging. Certain industries are extremely competitive, and no matter how well optimized your website appears, you will need the assistance of an experienced SEO expert. SEO experts will implement white hat SEO backlinking strategies. This is the process of placing your website link on other relevant websites. If applied correctly, your website will land on the first page of Google for targeted keywords. You must note this process can take anywhere between 3-12 months. It’s not a quick process like Google Ads.