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Why It is Still Relevant to Build Your Website with PHP in 2021

The world on the internet or on the web is just like a universe, huge and there’s no end. Countless websites are released every single day and this tendency does not seem to stop.

With this rapid increase in the number of websites and with more and more businesses going online to reach out to a wider customer base, the competition is getting tougher for the developers to come up with an outstanding app every time with every new business requirement. But no matter what, most of the developers love to work with PHP as the programming language to fit every business needs and give a competitive edge to the websites.

Now, you may ask why developers love to use PHP as to why business owners choose a PHP development company when all they need is a superior website? There are several reasons why PHP is still the most relevant and favoured programming language for building websites and here are some of those good reasons shared.

PHP is open-source:

The first and the most important thing you need to know about PHP is that this is an open-source server-side scripting language and comes for free. Because of its open-source nature, this language has got the support of a large community of developers, which makes web development even easier as developers can get help from the community at any point in time. Programmers can get to know more about this language and its new versions that come with new and enhanced features even faster. Unlike many other languages, PHP has got its own support from the community. In simple words, PHP is easy to learn and work with.

The high scalability:

While building a website or web app, developers always look for better features to be included in the project. For this, the scalability of the language is important. High scalability of the language can help websites grow and manage huge traffic visiting the site. PHP websites can be extended easily as you can add more servers whenever you need. This simply means, more server bringing and managing more website users, that’s it! Moreover, PHP supports almost all the web browsers, hence scalability is never a problem when you are creating a website with this language.

PHP ensures great speed to website development:

Because of the reason that PHP makes use of its own memory, both the loading time and the workload gets reduced to a great extent. With this, the processing speed increases. This is not only beneficial for the developers but for the clients as well as they get their projects developed and delivered sooner.

Helps to build secure websites:

Security is always a major concern for both the developers and the business owners. And PHP comes with its own security features for websites, which makes the web projects built with it much more secure than the websites built with the other programming languages.

It is cost-efficient and affordable:

As PHP is open-source, it does not need any additional and expensive software for developing websites. Overall, it is much more affordable in terms of license fees and installation charges as compared to the other available scripting languages.

Allows custom web development:

PHP allows custom web development. Hence, meeting the client’s needs accurately is always easier when you are using PHP as the web development language.

Because of these benefits, you can find that more than 80 per cent of the websites on the internet are created with this scripting language. Some of the names that need a mention here are:

  • Facebook that gets nearly 25 billion monthly visits
  • Yahoo that earns almost 5 billion visits every month
  • Wikipedia gets on an average 15 billion visits
  • Tumbler, which gets 329 million visits almost every month
  • Flickr that earns approx 66 million monthly visits

Now, just imagine the level, power, and popularity of this programming language.

No matter what your requirements are and which type and level of business you are running, PHP can always give you the best results to go on the web, a stunning custom-made website with high-end features, responsiveness, great speed, and robust features. What else would you want for your website!