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Why NOW is The Perfect Time to Invest in eCommerce For Your Business

We’re living in an age of digital revolution. As we move into the future, there’s one thing that is very certain at this point: the world of Information Technology will pave the way for unprecedented innovation in every known industry.

In this article, we are going to stretch on the significance of digital platforms in helping B2C and B2B businesses across the globe.

Even in 2020, when the whole world went into lockdown to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, the IT industry continued to word at its full capacity to ensure that people around the world are connected to each other. And it is during this time when a lot of companies around the world decided to invest in e-commerce to reach their customers through the internet.

Now that we are slowly getting back to making things normal, the ecommerce industry still continues to boom in virtually every corner of the world.

Still not sure why you should invest in ecommerce? Let these 7 points convince you otherwise!

1. Sales Growth in E-Commerce

E-commerce is now clearly one of the most important means for companies operating in the B2C sector. A rough look at the statistics shows why it is worthwhile to place value on e-commerce and to set up your own online shop.

While in the beginning of the century, there was limited scope in sales that was achieved through e-commerce (B2C) in Germany, this value has increased over the years. In 2018, the e-commerce industry recorded a whopping 25% growth in India compared to 2017. Ever since the beginning of the lockdown, however, this number has continued to surpass all expectations.

2. E-commerce is Increasingly Popular: Customers are Buying More and More Online

The online market is becoming more and more attractive for customers. This market is particularly interesting in countries with a strong IT infrastructure, such as the US, Germany, India and others.

According to one study, e-commerce accounts for 11.5 percent of the purchasing volume of German consumers. Reasons for this value are not only delivery and return services, but also convenient comparison and shopping options. Comfortable, timeless and unlimited shopping via smartphone or laptop are the defining habits of our time.

3. Online Shoppers are Almost Always Loyal

When dealers make their customers happy, customers keep making their dealers happy. This also applies to shopping in an online shop. According to the study, 90 percent of online shoppers shop from the same platform once they get used to it. In other words, Customers who have found the right style in your online shop will come back to you again and again.

4. An Online Shop is Open 24 Hours

In traditional retail, you will not be able to avoid shop opening and closing hours. This will not be possible for legal and cost reasons alone. In online trading, however, it is very different. They are open around the clock and customers can even shop with you in the middle of the night: no personnel costs, no legal hurdles!

5. Own Online Shop: Own Control Options, No Additional Costs

With your own online shop, you can control and decide everything yourself. In contrast to the well-known sales platforms such as Ebay and Amazon, this is an important advantage. You can decide everything yourself, from the web design to the product description. In addition, you pay neither commission nor other costs in your own online shop, except for the sporadic and usually small server costs, etc. So you have more in your pocket at the end of the day.

6. There’s Still a Lot of Potential for Niche Products

However, the above-mentioned study additionally shows that many people also shop in online shops abroad. 40% of online shoppers bought goods in foreign online shops. People buy most frequently in European markets (73%), in the USA (40%) or in China (32%). This may be due to the fact that these customers cannot find the products they want in their local online shops and therefore keep reaching abroad.

7. An Online Shop is Not Expensive

Many entrepreneurs usually decide against an online shop because they are afraid of the costs and further maintenance of the online shop. Most of them don’t even dare to speak to agencies about online shops and e-commerce. Creating an online shop doesn’t always have to be expensive.

As in many areas, there are also a wealth of possibilities when creating online shops and other e-commerce models. There are also agencies that take on the further maintenance of your online shop inexpensively and securely.