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Why Room Integrity Testing is so Important?

One of the critical components for special hazards fire suppression system is room integrity. The room integrity test which is also frequently referred to as a door fan test is responsible for measuring an enclosure’s leakage. This tests also help to make sure that there are no gaseous agents remains contained in the room which is under protection to extinguish a fire. Therefore the room integrity test plays an important role in terms of keeping your facilities, employees and equipment safe.

According to the 2001 National Fire Protection Association, the standard on clean agent fire extinguishing system, at least 85% of the adjusted concentration for the minimum design needs to be held at the highest level of the combustibles for at least 10 minutes. Whenever you install a fire extinguishing system, it is important to conduct a room integrity test to make sure that the protected room will be able to contain all the agents for the specified time.

What Does The Room Integrity Testing Involve?

During the test, in the room, a large fan will be installed before the test. This fan will then be turned on so that it keeps on blowing inside the room that is being tested. The fan functions to pressurize the room in preparation for the testing. The fan’s speed is then adjusted to create a pressure flow which is same as the pressure which is exerted typically during the discharge of a fire suppression system. Soon after this, the fan’s position is changed or reverse so that it can draw some air from the room that is being tested. In such cases, the fan will fiction to depressurise the room.

In the entire process of depressurizing and pressurizing the room that is being tested, the pressure and the airflow reading are obtained and then entered as an input in the program of the computer. The main purpose of the computer program is to calculate the equivalent leakage area of the room which is also known as ELA. If your room has a dropped ceiling, the BCLA or below ceiling leakage area is around 50% of the total equivalent leakage area or ELA.

Compared to the vast majority of the gaseous chemical agents, the air is quite lighter. This is what the fire suppression systems use. Therefore the agent will start to leak out of any unsealed penetration at the lower level. The leakage amount of the higher elevation is proportional to the rate of the leak. As the gaseous chemical agent leaks our, fresh air from the above takes up the space that is empty and left behind. The descending interface refers to the point where the concentration air mixture meets the fresh air.

The door fan design makes sure that it will calculate the leakage for the room that is being tested in the worst cases or scenario. This test helps predict the suppression agent’s descending interface. One can determine the hold time concentration from a door fan test by measuring the time that it takes for the descending interface to meet the established minimum protected height.

Importance Of The Room Construction

The majority of the rooms that are designed to hold the mission-critical equipment are constructed with the slab to slab perimeter walls. The walls or the perimeter walls are positioned in such a way that it forms a fire-rated barrier. This barrier surrounds the entire room. This style of the construction makes sure that the room will be afflicted with the fewer leaks and improves the chances that the room will pass the room integrity test.

Another style of construction which gives a room the good chance of passing the test for room integrity is when the perimeter walls are extended above the ceiling that is suspended. Such rooms can efficiently and effectively pass the test. But also there are other such kinds of tests as well which are used for these rooms. Rooms like this usually have a strong track record when it comes to containing a clean agent for the extended period.

All the walls and the slabs in these rooms are intended to contain the gaseous fire suppression agent has to be inspected for the penetration and leakage points. If there is any kinds of leakage point or ways for penetration are found, the fire retardant materials and doors need to be used to seal them.

The room integrity test is very important as you can see in the article. These are important for you to carry out these tests from the best professionals. They will also tell you the other benefits of conducting these tests and why one should not skip these. The room integrity test services UAE are the best among all and also affordable. Choose the best company and rest they will take care. Do not forget to ask about their experience and compare the price and benefits before choosing any company.