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Why VoIP Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing In Business Industry

VoIP aka Voice over Internet Protocol is basically phone communication over the Internet protocol. Voice signals are converted into data packets that are transmitted over the Internet and when the receiver picks the call on the other side, data packets are converted back to voice signals.

Voice over IP is basically Internet calling for everyone who is not familiar with VoIP. The VoIP technology has taken the business industry by storm and because of its secure and affordable calling facilities, people are ditching their old traditional phone systems to move to VoIP technology.

Voice over Internet protocol technology started growing in popularity over a decade ago and has captured over 20% of all the business industry. According to a recent survey, over 80% of the call centers worldwide use Voice over Internet protocol technology for all their inbound and outbound calling.

VoIP technology has over 200 million users in the world and the number of users is increasing day by day because of the benefits it provides. VoIP is cheap, secure, affordable and most of all easy to use and is easily available on the Internet as there are hundreds of providers in the world.

Let’s discuss some benefits of using Internet calling in your business.

Benefits Of Using VoIP Technology

1) Very Cost-Effective

VoIP calls are much cheaper compared to traditional phone calling. By using a Virtual number for all your long-distance business calling you can save over 40% on your monthly phone bills. With a VoIP number, you will never have to pay international calling charges and you can receive calls even while traveling.

2) Easy To Use

People think VoIP to be a complex technology but that is not the case. VoIP is very easy to use and the setup and activation time takes less than 5 minutes. If you buy a VoIP plan or number, your VoIP provider will take care of all the setup and activation tasks. To use VoIP, all you need is a VoIP plan, a smartphone or PC, VoIP software and a stable internet connection.

3) Multitasking

One of the best benefits is that you can multitask at your job. Now you don’t need to sit and focus on your call alone, with VoIP you can multitask while communicating.

You can receive or make a call using your smartphone or pc over Internet, and while you are on the call you can take care of your other work-related activities like filing, recording, account or even go make a cup of tea for yourself.

VoIP allows you to talk even while you are on the move, with VoIP technology you don’t need to stick to your chair all day and wait for calls. With a VoIP call forwarding facility, you can forward all your incoming calls to any phone number of your choice.

4) Portability

One of the reasons why Voce over IP is so popular among businesses all over the world is Portability. Now you don’t need to part ways with your business number just because you decided to switch providers. Most of the VoIP providers out there provide a number portability feature that you can use to take your number with yourself.

This way you can make your number permanently yours. Switching business numbers is never a good sign and that is why it is advised to stick with a single number if you want to build trust between your business and customers.

So these were some of the benefits of using Voice over IP technology and now you must be thinking how you can buy a VoIP plan for your business right?

Well, that’s what we are here to tell you.

There are hundreds of VOIP service providers online, but only a few of them know what they are doing and are worth their salt. While choosing your VoIP provider you should look for a few qualities in that they which will help you in the long run.

Try to find a VoIP provider that is loyal, already has a good customer base, provides customer support and is affordable.

Some of the best VoIP service providers in the World are Traverse Telecom, Avoxi, and CallHippo and if you ever feel like buying a VoIP number for your business feel free to visit any of them and get in touch with their customer support department.