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WordPress 5 is Here – Should You Upgrade?

WordPress 5 has been released and it has been upgraded with a bunch of extraordinary features. Since the release of the latest version of WordPress 5, many WordPress users have one common question, should I upgrade my website to WordPress 5? If you too are confused and can’t decide whether you should upgrade your blog or website to WordPress 5, then this article will help you out.

If you run a web designing company, then you must be well aware of the list of new features and functions added to the latest WordPress 5. However, most of the digital marketers are unaware and they don’t know what’s new in this WordPress edition. Just to give you the right information about this new edition of WordPress, here we have listed down the list of updated features and functions on the WordPress 5.

What’s new in Latest Version?

New Editor

WordPress has redesigned the entire user interface on their latest edition I.e. WordPress 5. The new version has an updated new Block Based editor. This editor is quite impressive and it is codenamed as Gutenberg. This editor lets you use different content blocks to create beautiful layouts. You will be able to unleash your creativity in designing new layouts.

You will get a streamlined writing experience with the new WordPress 5. You will be provided with more writing and editing tools. You will be able to make changes to the settings and can move the blocks easily in this editor.

Ability to Create and reuse the Blocks

Apart from a new Editor, in the new WordPress 5, you will be able to create your blocks and reuse them whenever needed. If you want to add or reuse the same things on your next blog just like the previous one, you will be able to use your previously used blocks on the new one. You will be able to save them as reusable blocks.

Can edit the previous content

Many people believe that once they upgrade their existing version to the newest one, they won’t be able to edit their contents. However, the new WordPress 5 has no such bounds for the users. You can still edit and update your previous contents even after upgrading to the latest WordPress 5.

When you want to edit your previous content, you will see it in Classic editor block. What you need to do is select the Classic block and edit the content from there only. Continue editing the article within the Classic Block, and hit the update button to update it on the platform.

Ability to use Older WordPress Editor

Many CMS users are asking whether they will be able to use the Older WordPress Editor after upgrading to a new WordPress 5? Well, Of course. You can use the same older WordPress Editor even if you have upgraded your blog or website to the latest WordPress. Edition.

To do so, you have to activate the Classic Editor plugin from the Plugins section and you will be able to use the Older WordPress Editor on the upgraded blog or website.

SEO Friendly Design

The new CMS 5.0 is designed with respect to Search Engine Optimization for blogs and websites. If you run an SEO Company, then this Platform will open up a world of opportunity for your business.

New Default WordPress Theme

Just like every other WordPress upgrades, the new WordPress 5.0 update brings a new WordPress Twenty Nineteen theme as the default theme. This theme comes with a lot of customization options with a rich interface. If you are starting a simple blog a new website, then this is the perfect theme to carry forward. Don’t spend extra money on purchasing trendy themes, this theme is suitable for your blog and CMS website as it comes with minimalistic design and all the essential tools and features.

More Compatibility

It is now compatible with a huge number of WordPress Themes and Plugins. Yes, you don’t need to change your WordPress theme or add extra plugins to work with the new platform. The new WordPress 5.0 comes ready to work with the existing plugins. You will also be able to change your current blog’s theme without any further customization.

Open platform for developers

Since the new WordPress 5.0 is compatible with more themes and plugins, it helps the developers and digital marketers to test out their new developments on this platform.


What we recommend to you Is go ahead and update your existing Blog or Website to the latest edition I.e. WordPress 5. Since this edition of WordPress works on all the Plugins and Themes, it’s the most suitable update for your blog. You will be able to use the older editor and all the themes and plugins. Go for it!