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You Are The Best Authority of Your Life

A recent article, How to Make a Decision by Christy Whitman believes that most of us have been trained to go outside of ourselves and get everybody else’s opinion, making everybody else the authority of what we should or should not do, the choices that we made in our life, and see whose opinion is the best and then we’ll make a decision from there.

As human beings we’re always making decisions. It’s really essential that whenever you make a decision that you connect within yourself. The best authority is you. In the QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy), a Certified Quantum Success Coach will help go back to yourself because you are the first and foremost authority of your life. QSCA Christy Whitman and other qsca certified coaches will take you to a process to help you make a decision.

In making a decision, you’re on two different paths or directions. When you come back to yourself and you feel what’s right for you. Nobody else can make that decision for you. Nevertheless, if you ever need help or assistance of a coach, a good coach like qsca Christy Whitman will be able to guide you to help you get to the direction/decision that you need to make.

Remember, you are the ultimate authority of your life. There is authority that’s outside of us like the government , our parents , teachers or bosses; there’s a certain authority that we have to respect and abide, but ultimately it’s the inner authority of what’s right for you. Don’t allow any limiting thoughts or what society dictates to limit you in the decision that you want to make for you. You are the authority, you can have what you want in your life, you can create it the way you desire it. Always go back to yourself and see what’s right for you. QSCA Coaching Program can help you to become a deliberate creator.

Remember that the universe is always there to support you. You are always being supported by what you’re asking for and by the energy and the vibration that you give out. So if you’re on the fence of making a decision, a Certified Quantum Success Coach can listen to you objectively and can offer a wide perspective which gives you greater access to your own resources and insights, thus gives you greater clarity and focus.

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