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Your PC Gone Slow – Learn How You Can Speed It Up

Is it possible to make Window 7 PC faster, can I speed up my PC without software which is five years old? The answer to these questions is, yes! You can make any laptop faster by increasing its RAM, removing unwanted programs, replacing the hard drive. Making a slow PC software is not a big deal.

At the time of the pandemic, our dependency on the computer has increased to manifolds. From online classes, work from home to watching movies, playing games, everything we do on laptop. In such a situation, no one wants their computer becomes unresponsive or slow. If your computer has gone slow to a crawl, instead of feeling stress, remember there are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

Manual Method To Speed Up Your PC

Manual method means you are not taking the help of any computer faster software. You are finding the problem, and resolving issues self. For that, you first have to dig out the underlying reason causing delayed response time in your PC. There are many reasons for the same, but the main are

Antivirus – Antivirus can affect the performance of your computer and make it slow, especially at the time when it scans the PC. To not let antivirus do the same when you are working, instead of allowing your antivirus to scan laptop whenever it feels the threat, schedule its time. Schedule its time of scanning when you are not using the PC.

A Large Number Of Startup Apps – To confirm if startup programs are causing a delay in computer, check if your PC is taking more than usual time in booting. If this is the case, go the task manager and click on startup tabs. Edit the app and service list that start running as soon as you log in to your PC. Disable apps that you are no longer in need.

Browser Overloaded – Each tab or window you are opening in your PC takes up space in the drive, and affect its processing power. Over time, you will start witnessing slow down in the computer.

Similar to these, many reasons cause slow down of computer. Now, if you want to know how you can make your windows 7 computer faster without using software, then here is the way.

  • Close all the apps you opened, once your work is complete.
  • You should pause OneDrive.
  • Check the health of your hard drive and available storage space in it.
  • Instead of restarting your PC after every use, shut down it properly, so that, you turn on fresh when you reopen it.

Opt For An Easy Way: Get Fast PC Cleaner

We know everyone doesn’t have so much of time as well as knowledge to carry out the complete operation to locate, rectify and retain the PC performance. If you are one of them and you have a query like ‘how to make my pc faster for free’, then the use of the software is all we can suggest to you. Some software is present that you can download and install in your computer. This scans the computer, find out the issues and correct the problem to resume its performance.

PC Faster: One Of The Best Tools To Improve Performance

PC Faster is one of the best software for enhancing the speed of the computer. This easy to install and work with software has many amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. The unique features of this wizard are

  • It does not breach privacy. Your data remain untouched
  • It cleans all junk files present in the PC
  • It automatically stops all unwanted programs running at the backend hindering PC speed.
  • It cleans registry data.

It is easier to improve PC performance using the software. It not only saves valuable time but also sometimes works better than a computer engineer.